Forget Bone and Eggshell business cards; anyone who's anyone knows that to make a real impression you need something different, something remarkable, something made from dried animal flesh. That's why Philadelphian meatrepreneur Chris Thompson created Meat Cards, a service that laser etches all your details onto strips of beef jerky.

“It’s tricky because jerky is not the best medium,” Thompson explained to Time, because it's "full of holes and it falls apart." That hasn't stopped savvy folks from procuring the cards; Thompson has sold them to small businesses, bands and other carnivorous professionals.

Snap into your own meaty cards by contacting Thompson; currently, four cards set you back $25. So what happens if your new networking connection gets a bit peckish? “The jerky is not intended to be eaten," explains Thompson. "It’s a novelty." Just take 'em to Dorsia first.