The New York TimesFlorence Fabricant reports that Guatemalan rambutans are now available here in the states. Gothamist had never seen this gorgeous fruit before, and are considering heading over to Whole Foods during lunch to check one out in the flesh.

For our fellow rambutan novices out there, Global Gourmet provides a basic description of the fruit, and gives us some advice on how to prepare and eat it:

Never cut the fruit in half right through the seed. Make a cut with a sharp paring knife, as if you were going to slice the fruit in half, but only cut through the skin. Then lift off half the skin, leaving the rest as a decorative holder, especially when presenting rambutans as part of a fruit platter. This half shell is disposed of before starting to eat the translucent flesh. Hold the rambutan with the fingers.

Be careful not to bite too deeply or the flesh will come away complete with the tough, papery skin of the seed attached, and that is not rambutan at its best. Nibble daintily and detach only the succulent flesh. Then you are enjoying rambutan as seasoned veterans do.

Import Food gives a brief description of the fruit, and lists a few links to recipes, but we couldn't help but be drawn to/frightened by the low carb recipe we found for Spiced Coconut Sponge with Rambutans.

Visit Chowhound's "What's My Craving?" board post on rambutans to find other places to buy them, and let us know what you think.