While they may be making healthy strides in certain areas, it looks like NYC public schools are just as prone to vermin infestations as everybody else. NBC New York took a look at 2012 cafeteria inspections and while most schools scored what would be graded as "A's" and "B's," others had critical citations over multiple inspections, including non-vermin-proof facilities and liquid waste. While troubling, this isn't the first time we've heard it.

I.S 296 in Bushwick scored a whopping 44 points, which included points for flying insects, a non-vermin proof facility and inadequate hand washing facilities. P.S. 154 in Harlem bested even that with a score of 56 for contaminated food, dented cans and rats in the food area. RATS! Luckily for the students, when the school was reinspected a month later they seem to have fixed the problems. Other schools, like PS 93 in Bensonhurst and PS 104 in Far Rockaway didn't clean up their act after repeat inspections, sometimes scoring worse on subsequent visits by inspectors.

All in all, the report—which you can peruse for yourself, should you be so inclined [pdf]—just serves to illustrate that nowhere is immune to the presence of unwelcome critters. Even higher education has its fair share of infestations from time to time! And while rodents skittering around the lunch lady's shoes is definitely gross, at least they're not using them to make bolognese.