A rat in a pie case is basically New York City’s version of a kid in a candy store, but imagine the kid smearing potentially fatal urine plague all over the candy.

Last night we received the above photo from a tipster and had one of those nifty shifts of cognition: Oh look a cute little mou—GAHOOOOOHHHGODTHATSARAT.

“This was at Mighty Pie in Union Square at around 9pm this evening, I let the guy at the counter know, he seemed mildly concerned at best,” wrote the tipster, A.R.

The Department of Health’s website does not display any recorded inspections for the savory pie shop, which opened in June of 2014 in a kiosk on Union Square West.

A DOH spokesman tells us they are going to investigate the matter and send an inspector. The Pavilion Market Cafe, which is located in Union Square, received a “B” last September.

Mighty Pie hasn’t yet returned our request for comment. We’ll update if and when they do.

UPDATE: A DOH spokesperson says that the agency closed Mighty Pie on Tuesday afternoon because the restaurant "had unsanitary conditions related to mice and food temperature violations." Mighty Pie can request another inspection once those issues have been addressed.