Seems that Rand Paul isn't really a fan of "Nanny Bloomberg" and his soda ban. In town to promote his new book, the Kentucky Senator had a few digs to dish against our billionaire mayor and his administration's war on soda. Bloomberg "wants to say how big your drink is and now they want to stick their grubby fingers in your drink at the airport," Paul told groupies packed into the Rebel on 30th Street. "It’s like, where’s the limit, where’s the end?"

Apparently after a "long rant about indefinite detention and security procedures at the Transportation Security Administration" (with whom he has a history), Paul decided to turn his attention to Bloomberg and local politics. "The whole thing is about submission," he said. "They want you to submit, they want you to listen, do what you’re told. I think we’ve had it up to here in New York because you’ve got ‘Nanny Bloomberg’ for your Mayor. Bloomberg’s not much of a libertarian, but I also think his stances are his doing because he has the position of power."

When asked to elaborate on his feelings about Bloomberg over stepping his reach—the man was elected by the people three times, after all—Paul said that "I’m not sure if you put that on a poll and you asked people at large, 'Are you in favor of the mayor deciding how big your drink can be?' I’ll bet he’d lose that in a landslide 75 percent."

Sadly, opposition to the ban (which is expected to be enacted this week!) did not even come close to polling that high. But a boy can dream!