TODAY'S RAMPS! (via NYCGreenmarkets)

Our ramps source confirms at 16:22 EST that ramps have turned up in the greenmarket today—we were told late this afternoon: "A few surprise ramps showed up at Columbia Greenmarket today. We may get lucky and they’ll be a few this weekend. Next week for sure." That greenmarket is located at Broadway and 114th Street.

A few days ago the GrowNYC rep that we badger for ramps intel every other day told us, "It sounds like, if all goes as predicted (but as we’ve seen mother nature has been predictable only in her unpredictability these past few months), we will start to see ramps in the market the end of next week. There is a very slim chance they could show up as early as Monday the 14th but all signs point to closer to the end of the week. Several farmers told me they thought they would definitely have them available at market starting Saturday, April 19th."

So worst case, we have about one week until ramps are officially here. But tonight, we celebrate. The ramps, they are here. Which means Spring is here, and now we have to find other things to bitch about.