Have the dark, cold, rampless days of winter finally come to an end? Not quite: our beloved little green shoots of garlicky goodness aren't supposed to make a real comeback for at least a month, but the first Ramp of 2013 has been spotted on the menu at Gramercy Tavern!

Eater says the Manhattan restaurant offered a kale and radish salad with ramp dressing on its menu last night, which makes it the first official ramp sighting this season. The bad news is, these aren't new ramps—though Eater says a server told them the ramps came in last week, we called the restaurant today and found out they're just using pickled ramps from last year.

Alas, we're still stuck in a fresh ramp-less world, but we're going to ignore this cruel tease and consider today the official start to the countdown to Ramp Season 2013. Soon we can get started documenting all things ramp all the time! Last year, Union Square's Greenmarket started selling ramps at the end of March, so we got an early jump on some of these recipes; ramps haven't quite made it to markets this far north yet, but keeps your eyes peeled in the weeks to come.