Last March we got word that Sun Noodle, the NJ-based company responsible for the delicious, springy noodles in just about every ramen hotspot in NYC, would be opening their own restaurant. They were hoping to open Ramen Lab just a few months after, but significant Con-Ed fuckery delayed the opening...until now. The shop at 70 Kenmare Street opens its doors tonight for steaming bowls of noodles at 5 p.m.

True to their original word, the shop will serve ramen styles lesser known in the United States. "[New Yorkers] think of tonkotsu ramen when it comes to Japanese ramen, when in fact, the assari shoyu is the oldest style of Japanese ramen," Sun Noodle spokesman Shawn Kim told us last year. Chef Jack Nakamura will start with a Torigara Shoyu Ramen ($13), a chicken-based broth based on a 105-year-old recipe, according to Grub Street. It's "a way of staying true to the philosophy of ramen," according to co-owner Kenshiro Uki. The second style for the opening will be a Vegetarian Miso Ramen ($14).

The promised "Ramen Flights" won't debut for another few months, but the menu has been fortified with a gyoza ($7) "cooked via Griddle Ron," says Zagat, plus beer, wine and sake. Dining will be ramen-ya-style, with just 10 seats overlooking all the cooking action. Naturally, there are no reservations accepted.

70 Kenmare Street, (646) 613-7522; website