Chances are high that if you've eaten ramen in New York City, your noodles came just across state lines from New Jersey's Sun Noodle. The company creates a special rye noodle for ramen maestro Ivan Orkin, and Keizo Shimamoto uses their product for his Ramen Burger; they're also fixtures at Smorgasburg.

The Teterboro-based company, which began in Hawaii before moving to the East Coast in 2012, doesn't just manufacture toothsome noodles for other outlets. Since opening their NJ outpost, the company has partnered with Chef Shigetoshi Nakamura to build Ramen Lab, where visitors learn how ramen is made and sample different styles. Now, they're bringing Ramen Lab to NYC.

Sun Noodle tells us they plan to open their new Ramen Lab at 70 Kenmare Street sometime in late April or early May, barring any further delays. The concept will mirror their previous efforts, including a Ramen Flight that will showcase their different noodle styles and broths. They also revealed plans for a regular menu that will focus on "different styles of ramen that's not as well known in New York," like assari shoyu and vegetarian miso. "[New Yorkers] think of tonkotsu ramen when it comes to Japanese ramen, when in fact, the assari shoyu is the oldest style of Japanese ramen," explains Sun Noodle spokesman Shawn Kim.

With the ramen scene continuing to explode there's no doubt noodle fanatics will be clamoring for seats once the operation gets underway. As for reservations, plans are in the works for some kind of system for the Ramen Flight sessions; there's no set price yet, but flights went for $50 in NJ. All other times the restaurant will be walk in. Lines are inevitable, but we should be used to that by now.