It can't always be easy to be a street vendor—if they're not tumbling and tussling with each other for real estate, then they're probably trying to hold it in. It's a tiring job, you have to deal with lots of unsavory characters and you're probably not washing your hands enough. But that's no reason to throw the whole world under the bus, like Upper West Side vendor Mohamed Abdalla did today in a rant to the Post where he railed against all his enemies, including "homosexuals," "Jewish people," ignorant bureaucrats, "rich people" and freebie-seeking doormen.

Neighbors have been complaining about Abdalla to the Health Department, saying that he never leaves his spot near Central Park West on the corner of West 86th Street. Owners are required to leave their spots to scrub down their carts every day, but Reinhart Nitzl says that Abdalla is "there 24/7, day and night. It's a pig sty. I see that guy sleeping in there." But Abdalla says this is all just an anti-Muslim conspiracy: "The people at the Health Department are not educated, and it's a blessing to them that they get a job. When the Jewish people complain, they say, F--k Mohamed. Who's stronger?"

Abdalla says the Health Department has given him $20,000 in tickets, and the agency said it has issued the cart 72 violations since 2000, most recently for improper hand-washing facilities and serving foods that were spoiled or home-canned. While Abdalla seems unapologetic about his cart, he is furious at building workers who he says taunt him that he "works for bin Laden," and demand free coffee, pastries and hot dogs. When he refuses ("I told them this is not Iraq," he said. "I'm an American citizen."), they threaten to file bogus complaints with 311: "If you don't give us free, we're going to tell everybody that you have cockroaches in your coffee cup."

Abdalla, who is originally from Egypt, also doesn't have much time for gay people, especially one who he claims makes passes at his night worker. "The gay guy, he come and he want to make love to the man...and he touch his penis...I told him get the f--k out of here...We're Arab. We don't go this way."