Terrorist-loving Dunkin Donuts enthusiast Rachael Ray has won some street cred from admitted hater Anthony Bourdain, who's experiencing some cognitive dissonance over Ray's appreciation for glorified dive bar band the New York Dolls. In a recent Facebook blog post, Bourdain made an about-face from his earlier characterization of Ray as a "bobblehead freakazoid," all because she booked the Dolls for her SXSW show. Bourdain opines: "It is an article of faith with me that the Dolls were one of the greatest, most important, criminally neglected, wildly influential bands in the history of well... the freakin’ UNIVERSE!! This development... has caused me no small amount of confusion, panic and misery. I don’t know whether to go out and shoot a puppy, or send Rachael a fruit basket. It just does me no good at all to think of Rachael as a Dolls fan. It’s really only a matter of time now until my daughter looks up from her grilled cheese and says 'Yummo!!' " According to the Daily News, Ray responded by sending her fellow food celebrity a fruit basket of her own, with a note pleading with him to please spare the puppies.