The Thanksgiving issue is always a big deal for food magazines, but who does Rachael Ray think she is—the Queen of Sheba? Her 30-minute highness decided that this month's holiday-themed issue of Every Day With Rachael Ray is so special that her subscribers can just go ahead and pay double for it, whether they want to or not.

The New York Times posted the letter included with each issue: "It's our Biggest-Ever Thanksgiving Blowout! This edition is so big, in fact, that we are treating it as a special issue that will count toward two of your subscriber issues, so the duration of your subscription will be adjusted accordingly. We hope you will agree that it is well worth it."

We're not sure exactly how many moist 'n' tender turkey recipes Rachael needs to increase to justify a sneaky-ass price hike, but this is some sketchy business. And while you wouldn't think that anyone who subscribes to EDWRR would be smart enough to even notice the little slip, some readers did, and were plenty pissed. The people who actually called to complain got their subscriptions extended. Perhaps Ray-hater No. 1 Anthony Bourdain would like to help spread the word?