HiFi, one of the quintessential East Village bars, will close at the end of October. Owner Mike Stuto, who's run the joint for the past 23 years, penned a Facebook note explaining the shutter has nothing to do with a rapacious landlord; rather, that the tastes of the neighborhood have changed, and "there is no shame in being a 50 year old who no longer knows how to appeal to 25 year olds."

"Quite simply, the renovations we undertook a few years ago to reinvigorate the business were not successful in putting us back on a good financial footing.The generation of people who inhabit this neighborhood on weekends remain mostly indifferent to the place. HiFi seems to occupy a place square in the middle between "dive bar" and "mixologist paradise"—and while I hoped that would help us have a broad appeal to the newbies, it turns out that it translated as utilitarian (aka boring) to their tastes."

The bar has been operating as HiFi since 2002; previously, the space at 169 Avenue A was run as Brownies, a live music venue (check out some old videos here) for which Stuto worked as a booker before later coming on as a partner, according to EV Grieve. Stuto's also the one responsible for the incredible custom jukebox, with over 4,000 different songs.

On a personal note, I celebrated by 21st birthday at HiFi, drinking way too many lemon drops, among other things. My boyfriend at the time also thought it would be hilarious to buy me one bourbon, one scotch and one beer, after the George Thorogood song of the same name. Somehow I survived—though I'm pretty sure I puked on the street (hi Mom!)—and reader: we're still together.