Last night, Mayor Bloomberg defended the now-stalled soda ban and championed the merits of Cheez-Its on Letterman; but before that, onetime Bloomy BFF-turned-lady-mayor hopeful Christine Quinn spoke out against the ban on the newly-named Piers Morgan Live, telling Morgan "My fear is that with issues around food and obesity, if you say 'no,' people almost have a reflex reaction to do it."

Quinn has pooh-poohed the soda ban before, saying it wouldn't do enough to educate people about obesity and making healthy choices. And she upheld that opinion last night, telling pro-ban Morgan, " I think the better answer on food issues is to expand access to quality food, to not just say no, but to make sure people have a choice to get something."

Morgan argued that people occasionally need strict government intervention to help guide them toward making healthier choices, comparing the soda ban to Bloomberg's oft-praised smoking ban, "The reality is we all need a bit of nannying about that," he told Quinn. "That's why so many people are on diets. That's a form of nanny state."

After acknowledging the Quinn's giant 32 oz. Diet Coke, Morgan was quick to point out that Coca-Cola made a recent donation to Quinn's mayoral campaign, though she shrugged it off by calling it "a small donation in total from Coca-Cola execs of $10,000 out of about the $6 million or $7 million we raised so far." Quinn's anti-ban stance reflects the way most New Yorkers feel, which will probably come in handy for her in the upcoming mayoral election season.

But she didn't totally throw Bloomberg under the bus last night. "At some point when it goes into effect, we'll have that data and we'll see who's right or wrong and on this one," Quinn said. "I'm happy to be wrong and I hope the mayor is right." Mmmhmmmmmm.