While the calendar says Spring, the Greenmarket is still stocked with winter staples and given the unseasonably cold weather it would seem that the city's desire for first of the season asparagus and other first of the season treats may still be a few extra weeks off.

With that in mind we browsed the apples, potatoes as well as the excellent meats purveyors who thrive in months where beef stews and roasted meats warm-up cold NYC apartments with a savory air. Although this year was a bad one for storage crops as the ground moisture during the end of the growing cycle made vegetables susceptible to accelerated rot, there was still a wide selection of certain items at certain stands. Particularly, the potato selection over at Paffenroth Farms is to be admired and widely sampled to learn all about this popular and versatile tuber for yourself. Choose Binjte for crisp french fries, Carola for baking, La Rossa as the ultimate boiling red and a wide variety of fingerling for roasting. You really can't go wrong.

Just as the day was winding down, we stumbled up a sign of hope for our possible near-term enjoyment of the treats normally associated with this time of the year. A small stand that normally does not sell food had some Green Garlic and Spring Onions, collected down in south/central New Jersey. Hopefully the rest of the goodies are not too far off.