2006_03_food_shake.jpgAh, St. Patrick's Day. Remember how it was back in the old days? We weren't focused on going out and getting trashed with half of the city -- things were simpler. We wore green to school, made four-leaf clovers out of construction paper, and instead of green beer or pitchers of Guinness, we sipped on a beverage that was green and minty -- the Shamrock Shake.

These seasonal concoctions were once found at McDonald's across the nation, but today, life is hard, as Shamrock Shakes are nowhere to be found. Several Gothamist readers emailed us with desperate pleas to help them find the elusive St. Patrick's Day treat, but our emails to McDonald's headquarters went unanswered. Others out there are incredibly passionate about the loss of this childhood favorite. In fact, there's an entire site, Bring Back the Shamrock Shake, devoted to the cause.

In the meantime, you'll have to made do by making your own. Chicagoist readers have chimed in with their local spottings. Has anyone seen the Shamrock Shake in the Metro NY area?