Today's NYT profiles Angon on the Sixth, the new addition to the East Village's row of Indian restaurants on Sixth Street, which calls itself an "Indian Culinary Den." As anyone who peruses the Chowhound message boards on a regular basis knows, Angon is the new home of Mina Avad, formerly of Mina Foods & Restaurant in Sunnyside, Queens.

Gothamist hasn't visited her former or current homes, but after hearing all the buzz about Mina and her magic, we're eager to go (as soon as those Republicans get out of the way).

Posters on Chowhound generally seem enthusiastic about Mina's new digs, and have provided many reviews on the new service (can be slow, but very welcoming) and recommendations about what to order. Like Peter Mehan at the Times, the Chowhounders seem to particularly like the dhal fry; and the Times also recommends the Lamb and lentil stew, fried spiced potato patties, fish kofta curry, and the liver jhal fry.

Curbed and eGullet on Mina's move.
Angon's menu from Menupages

Angon on the Sixth
320 East 6th Street (First Avenue)
(212) 260-8229.