The relationship between Jews and Chinese food on Christmas runs deep through history, touching on immigration patterns, religious customs, and plain old pragmatism—what other restaurants are open on Christmas Eve? Of course, Jews aren't the only ones who need to eat on the holiday—there are also all of the Asians who keep their restaurants open, and the legions of Festivus observers across the country. And now, Queen's Kickshaw, the fancy grilled cheese restaurant in Astoria, is hosting a cross-cultural Christmas Eve dinner to bring everyone together under one roof: meet Woks and Lox.

The brainchild of Jewish boy Jeff Orlick and Asian girl Veronica Chan, Woks and Lox seeks to bring a little holiday cheer to those feeling left out of the traditional Christmas dinner, and celebrate the mutual respect between Asians and Jews. "Too many times have our late Decembers been spent in front of the television watching A Christmas Story while eating a bowl of pudding," writes Orlick. "We want to bring relief from the loneliness that so many Jews and Asians have felt on this particular night."

So they're bringing Shanghai-born chef and writer ChiChi Wang to the kitchen of Kickshaw for a night of multicultural eats paired with festive drinks from the restaurant's impressive wine, beer and cider collection. If you can't make the dinner but still want to get in on the celebration, check out their IndieGoGo page, where you can order a basket of Jewish and Asian gifts to spend your Christmas with, a special holiday card, or other fun fusion-y things.