Earlier this year Queens became the latest borough to join the Edible magazine family, a national network of about 60 magazines that cover local food trends and everything artisanal. The second issue of the Queens quarterly drops later this month, and the Daily News marks the occasion by interviewing publisher Leah McLaughlin, who moved to Long Island City three years ago. "We're not just an offshoot of Manhattan," McLaughlin insists. "We're not second fiddle to Brooklyn. Our community is incredibly vibrant and incredibly vital to the success of the region." Okay, fine, nobody's picking on Queens—but when will Staten Island and the Bronx get the Edible treatment?

Rachel Wharton, a former Daily News reporter who's now at Edible Manhattan, agrees their culinary close-up is long overdue. In an e-mail, she writes, "When was the last time you had a chef do a walking tour of any nabe in Staten Island or the Bronx, when there's a love letter to Flushing in practically every issue of the Village Voice. (This also reminds me that there was a line by Ted Danson in bored to death: 'Brooklyn is the new Manhattan and Manhattan is the new Queens and Queens is the new Brooklyn.') What about those poor Sobro loft-dwellers? They need their supper clubs too." So does Staten Island, but who has time for that when there are so many dwarfs to bowl?