2007_08FoodTerraza1.JPGAs the name implies, Terraza Cafe Art is a rather Bohemian hang complete with an eclectic decor we like to call Colombian folkloric hippie.

Handmade baskets line the top of the bar; a Buddhist icon adorns one wall; and numerous Christian religious statues are scattered about. Add a soundtrack with everything from the Doors and Joe Cocker to Kid Rock, The Cure and Colombian music and a video projector that plays everything from Droopy Dawg cartoons to independent films and it's like Jackson Heights meets the East Village. Lest we forget to mention, the owner has a real thing for Charlie Chaplin. When asked the significance of this, the bartender shrugged and said, "Everybody likes Charlie Chaplin, don't they?"

With it's laid-back vibe and $4 beers Terraza is a great alternative to some of the area's other more boisterous bars and nightclubs. There's also a computer where you can check your e-mail and surf the Web. That is if there aren't too many Colombian hipsters ahead of you.

Terraza Cafe Art, 40-19 Gleane St., Elmhurst, 718-803-9602