It's time to celebrate Chanukah! (Someone got the Adam Sandler song stuck in our head -- now we're passing that "gift" on to you). Part of the Chanukah tradition involves cooking foods in oil. To many, this means latkes. We're rounded up some great latke posts and recipes for you:

- Food and Wine magazine features recipes for a Latke and vodka party (Smitten Kitchen takes a stab at some of the menu);
- Serious Eats re-publishesJason Perlow's Latke-vision;
- The Food Section brings their latke recipe out of the archives;
- Epicurious mixes it up a bit with a traditional latke recipe and four variations; and
- Joan Nathan, the Jewish food queen, shares her ultimate latke recipe.

Got a latke recipe you'd like to share? Feel free to send us an email or post it in the comments.

Photo courtesy of Smitten Kitchen.