2008_12_puff.jpgTonight's event at neon-basked East Village restaurant Kurve (website warning: club music) will likely be one the more memorable benefits of the season: starting at 7, Andy Yang’s roller-rink chic Thai restaurant hosts an evening of “heavy hors d’ oeuvres” and a silent auction (featuring Wynton Marsalis’s trumpet and 2 round-trip Air France tickets, among other items) to benefit Orphans International Worldwide in conjunction with UNICEF. The real kicker to the night, though, is a live performance of Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary. So Thai food, Puff the Magic Dragon, and a famous jazz trumpet—it’s sort of like the doctor’s bag filled with fairy-tale cultural artifacts which Puff himself brings to Jack’s house in the cartoon! More details here.