At this point, there's no getting rid of the Thanksgiving nightmare Frankenfood the Turducken; like a certain well-hydrated singer from Canada, we're stuck with it. While some may be horrified by the chicken-and-duck-stuffed turkey, other culinary adventurers actively seek out this food beast, namely the 140 people who ordered one from Fresh Direct last year.

The grocery delivery giant has been selling the monstrosities since 2006, with a rep for the company revealing that they've already seen a 30% increase in the sale of Turduckens since last year. Fresh Direct estimates they'll sell around 200 Turduckens this year. Has the recent push for hybrid foods contributed to a rush on the triple threat Thanksgiving freak out food? Thanks a lot, Ansel.

The organic Turduckens arrive frozen and pre-assembled, alleviating the need to debone and Buffalo Bill the birds yourself. The company uses locally raised, antibiotic-free turkey, an antibiotic-free boneless chicken breast and a boneless Moulard duck breast for their version, padding the fowls with cranberry stuffing. "Simply thaw, season, cook, remove the legs and wings, bisect vertically, lay flat and slice through this poultry trio as you would slice a roast," explains Fresh Direct. Somewhere, a Tofurky gets its wings.