After giving birth, pretty much every mammal eats their own placenta, so why should we live differently than animals? A growing number of moms are getting back to basics (primarily in Brooklyn, it seems), and professional placenta-preparer Jennifer Mayer is here to help with her company Brooklyn Placenta Services. Read all about it in this week's New York magazine, which features a tantalizing article about the growing "placentophagia movement." A perfect lunchtime read, or save it for after work when you can enjoy it with a "top shelf" Placenta Bloody Mary! And how does it taste?

Brave (and obedient) dad Doug Hughes gave his wife's placenta a taste after Mayer dehydrated it. While some parents get the "wildest rush" from drinking "a chunk of placenta in the Vitamix with coconut water and a banana," Hughes and his wife Jennifer ate it "brown, shriveled, and brittle—like old shoe leather left out in the sun." In the feature's climactic scene, they "toast each other," giggle, and "begin to chew. The crunch is audible across the room, and they wince slightly at the sound. 'It tastes like jerky,' Doug says. 'Dry, gamy, bland jerky.' " How could he say such a thing about his beloved's precious sacred afterbirth? Jennifer, you deserve better!