Quick, what New York City supermarket's neighbors have the highest median income in the city? If you guessed Whole Paycheck, you might want to guess again!

Using Census data, A Very Small Array has plotted the median household incomes of all New York City supermarket locations onto a single chart. And while yes, Whole Foods does have a market with the highest household income in town (in Battery Park City), when you average it all out D'Agostino's is actually on top. Bummer for Gristede's owner, and regular possible mayoral candidate, John Catsimatidis.

Meanwhile, maybe someone didn't make a store just for me? Food Emporium turns out to have the third richest set of neighbors in town—with a maximum household income only bested by Whole Foods. Finally, Pioneer has the lowest median income neighbors, but (presumably thanks to locations on the Upper West Side) it also has some very rich neighbors. And now you know! Here, for your reference is A Very Small Array's graphic: