When Pretzel Crisps sprinkled the city with an ad campaign that read: You Can Never Be Too Thin, they were so publicly criticized that they eventually apologized and took the ads down. Turns out they have now been replaced with a sensible campaign that doesn't at all place importance on being too thin. Just kidding! This one is equally bad, using a phrase that Kate Moss was once criticized for spouting, with many critics noting it can encourage girls to become anorexic. That phrase is: Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels.

These ads allegedly always existed, but Pretzel Crisps say they were "never part of the debate" so they were used to replace the "too thin" ads. The editor of Crushable told NYC the Blog today, "What's both offensive and evenly mildly subversive about these pretzel campaigns is that they are removing that layer of filtering and saying straight up: You need to be thinner."

Pretzel Crisps' Perry Abbenate basically told one reporter, "that they were a small company and need to catch people's attention and at least there were no models in bikinis or something to that extent."