The PBS show America Revealed recently attached a GPS tracker to a pizza delivery bike messenger and used the results to make a pretty video visualization of the guy's night on the job. It's pleasing to the eye, but like a lot of superficial beauty, a dark void lurks beneath. The delivery man is working for Domino's, and each one of those zig-zags of light represents another sick and twisted New Yorker who inexplicably ordered pizza from that nasty chain instead of one of our many fine local purveyors. Of course, for all we know this GPS data represents deliveries of Cinna Stix®, which are sublime.

The segment was part of an entire episode about the American "food machine," which is described as the biggest, most productive food machine the world has ever known. Daily Kos wasn't impressed with the episode, dismissing it as "a shallow, happy-talk report of America's food industry. Using glitzy GPS tracking of pizza delivery guys and crop dusters, arial photography by ultralight aircraft and skydiving, the down-side of the American food industry is seldom mentioned and only then in passing. What is revealed in America Revealed is the Bush Administration's strategy to weaken PBS come to fruition."

[The World's Best Ever via Laughing Squid]