As if the unseasonable weather isn't bad enough, coffee chain Pret à Manger has tortured its employees and customers over the past several days by playing a loop of Christmas carols in several of its Manhattan stores.

“I’ve heard of Christmas in July, but this is August!” a customer at the 50 Broadway location quipped to the Post. Zing! On Twitter, perplexed customers pleaded for the chain to cool it with the holiday cheer.

According to the tabloid, the music is determined by Pret's corporate office and piped into all 36 locations around the city, with store managers powerless to do anything but silence the sound altogether.

An employee at Pret's headquarters confirmed that the unseasonable tunes were a mistake that the company is "working to fix."

"No one knows exactly what happened or how the Christmas carols starting playing out of the blue," said the employee, who declined to give her name in the interest of downplaying the issue. She confirmed also that holiday-themed music is not scheduled to hit Pret's airwaves until Black Friday.

"We wouldn’t play Christmas music in August," she said flatly. But...isn't that exactly what they're doing?