That Slim California Club might have been even more overpriced than you thought; an employee at sandwich chain Pret A Manger has been accused of swiping over 10 grand from customers in a credit card-skimming scam.

Nigel McCollum, a 22-year-old employee at the Pret A Manger outpost on West 23rd Street in Chelsea, was indicted on Wednesday on 602 counts of grand larceny, identity theft and forgery, among other things, after cops say they caught him stealing information off customers' credit cards to make forgeries. And McCollum's girlfriend, 23-year-old Lenica Greene, has also been indicted for the fraud; Greene is a former Pret employee as well, and officials say she teamed up with McCollum to steal over over 100 victims’ personal identifying information.

Both McCollum and Greene were arrested last month at the couple's Washington Heights apartment, where cops say they found credit card making equipment, skimmers, embossers and encoders. "I have individuals skimming at an Italian Restaurant in Brooklyn as well as at Pret A Manger," McCollum allegedly told police after they arrested him. "I have made over $10,000."

Both defendants pleaded not guilty, and Greene's lawyer says his client only got involved because of McCollum, who she has been dating "on and off" for the better part of a decade. Greene, who has also worked at a 16 Handles self-serve frozen yogurt shop, allegedly had a forged credit card and 19 gift cards at the time of her arrest; she was released on $20,000 bail, while McCollum is being held in lieu of $50,000 bail.

Pret A Manger says the card-skimming scandal is "an isolated incident," and it's certainly not the first time an eatery's been recently implicated in credit card skimming; earlier this year, a waiter at eatery Kutscher's Tribeca was arrested for allegedly skimming debit and credit card information from more than 120 customers.