As a reminder that credit-card skimming is a very real and terrifying thing, a Prêt a Manger employee was sentenced to up to four years in state prison for swiping data from over 100 customers. Even a tasty frog salad isn't worth getting your identity stolen, you guys.

Nigel McCollum, 23, was handed that sentence in Manhattan court yesterday, after pleading guilty identity theft, forgery and grand larceny charges. The former employee at the sandwich chain's Chelsea location admitted to recruiting staff members to skim the credit cards of more than 100 customers, using that information to forge credit cards and make personal purchases. A search of McCollum's Washington Heights apartment in August yielded credit card making equipment, skimmers, embossers and encoders. "I have individuals skimming at an Italian Restaurant in Brooklyn as well as at Pret A Manger," he reportedly told police after they arrested him. "I have made over $10,000."

McCollum's accomplice, girlfriend Lenica Greene, has also pleaded guilty to skimming charges, and she is expected to be sentenced soon. And Prêt a Manger's not the only lunchtime spot where your card information may have been stolen—last month, a number of employees at soup-and-sandwich chain Hale & Hearty were caught allegedly skimming customers' cards and racking up $90,000 in fraudulent purchases.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance has urged customers to take care with their credit cards. "Identity theft and cybercrime are pervasive and my Office is attacking the problem head-on; today’s prison sentence is indicative of the seriousness with which we take this crime," he said in a statement yesterday. "Consumers should take steps to protect themselves against fraud, such as vigilantly monitoring their credit statements."