Turn a corner in Midtown and you'll bump into either an overpriced deli or Pret A Manger, the London-based quick service sandwich shop that's, well, just about everywhere between 34th Street and 59th Street. Now its co-founder, Julian Metcalfe, will bring his other London born chain Itsu to 530 Seventh Avenue, the first location outside the United Kingdom.

Where Pret somehow managed to speed up the world's easiest lunch option (sandwiches), Itsu aims to do the same for its menu of pan-Asian-inspired salads, sushi and something called "beauty smoothies."

"I had a very clear vision of what I wanted the brand to be: innovative, light & good for you - an Asian-inspired quick service restaurant that’s anything but boring!!" Metcalfe enthusiastically exclaimed via the restaurant's press release. There are currently 70 locations in England, the large majority of which are in London.

Like Wagamama did for the sit-down experience, Itsu will do for quick lunches and the like. It's not clear whether the menu will be exactly the same, but UK restaurants serve fully-loaded breakfast miso soups, maki and nigiri, salads, dumplings "on a bed", and noodle soups and bowls.

Itsu will open at 530 Seventh Avenue in 2018