"No preggos in the champagne room" is apparently the unofficial motto of Larry Flynt's Hustler Club, which is at the center of a new lawsuit from a former server who claims she was fired once her baby bump began to show. Based on our extremely scientific research, Yahoo message board members are divided in opinion about pregnant strippers, though at least one random commenter believes that "Pregnant bodies are beautiful!"

Josie Muriel claims she was demoted and then fired as soon as her pregnancy became obvious. She says she worked for a year as a server "without any issue," but once she got pregnant and started expanding accordingly, her coworkers “became distant, secretive and often asked how long she planned to continue working.” Shortly thereafter, her schedule was cut to just one day a week, until the fateful day that “Hustler’s senior management informed Ms. Muriel that her ‘condition’ (i.e., pregnancy) made her a liability to the club,” reads the court filing.

She's demanding unspecified damages from the club for alleged sex and gender discrimination. Although Muriel was a server, which is technically not a stripper (haven't been, wouldn't know, back off man), she wouldn't be alone if she took to the pole with child: Discovery Health has a whole series called "I'm Pregnant And...A Stripper."