2005_11_beverageinabag.jpgJason Kottke has been travelling in Asia for the last week, and we've been following along via Flickr and his blog. All of his travel coverage is interesting, but he's doing particularly well spotting weird beverages-- including this Pepsi Coffee soda, and Fanta in a bag. The latter is particularly interesting: apparently street vendors in Bangkok pour the soda into a bag and stick in a straw-- this way they get to keep the recycling deposit. Something about this stuck in our head, and then Matt pointed out something similar in Canada: milk in a bag. Hmm! At Gothamist, two is definitely a trend, so we're going on record and predicting that by the end of 2006, all beverages in NYC will be served in plastic bags. Environmentally speaking, this is probably not a great step forward-- since plastic bags are just as terrible for the planet as plastic bottles. But maybe someone will come up with a biodegradable bag! That would be awesome, and then we could say "Hey dude, pass me that bag of Coke" and not worry about being misinterpreted.