The irreverent YouTubers Epic Meal Time have built their brand around over-the-top food creations presented in an in-your-face series of loud, aggressive videos. They've made burgers entirely of bacon (a favorite ingredient), they've made cupcakes out of pizza and now they're flipping the bird at Canada and Italy with their latest monstrosity: Poutine Dumplings.

The dumplings in question here are more of the potato, gnocchi-style as opposed to an Asian-style, though it's doubtful anyone in Italy would consider stuffing theirs with cheese curds and dumpling brown gravy all over the top. And surely the purists in Canada will cluck their tongues that this isn't technically poutine since it isn't made with french fries. But that's missing the point of this delicious creation: pure gluttony.

Behold, the delicious, slightly horrifying food video that may start an International Food Fight.