ginger_00009.jpgIt seems there is a great divide among drinkers out there: you’re either creamy or not. For some, the thought of a rich, indulgent after-dinner drink - filled with Kahlua or Bailey’s topped with cream - is a transcending experience, and then there are those who vehemently disagree. We are not saying the naysayer opinion is wrong; we’ve learned that never bodes well in the comment section, but the beauty of being able to masterfully combine dessert and alcohol is more than a treat, it’s a work of art.

And as it turns out there are many little budding artists out there. Bailey’s Irish Cream, a mainstay in the dessert spirit category, is holding their annual contest to see if professional mixologists and amateurs alike can invent a creative new interpretation of the drinkable dessert. The finalists have been selected and now they have thrown the challenge to us, those serious drinkers who truly understand the value of cream, to vote for the best drinkable dessert.

Here are some of the contenders…
The Amateurs:

The Gingerbread Man (pictured above)
3 oz Baileys Caramel, 1/4 cup dulce de leche ice cream (melted), 1 tbsp praline beverage syrup, 2 tbsp ginger beverage syrup

Bailey’s Pralines n’ Cream Martini
1 oz Baileys Caramel, 1/4 ounce bourbon whiskey, 3/4 cup softened butter pecan ice cream, 1/2 ounce heavy cream. Top with whipped cream, toasted diced pecans, caramel syrup

The Professionals:

Sweet Surrender
2 1/4 oz Baileys Caramel, 3/4 oz Captain Morgan rum, 1/2 oz macadamia nuts, 1/2 oz white chocolate, 1 oz mascarpone

The Flying Bailey
Baileys Mint Chocolate, Baileys Caramel, Crushed ice, Freshly ground cinnamon

To vote click here.

Now is a great time to indulge your sweet tooth and wooden leg. The alcohol from these drinkable desserts will warm you from the inside and those few extra pounds you gain will serve as the perfect insulation on these frigid January nights.