White Slab Palace, the cavernous Scandinavian bar and restaurant on a busy Delancey Street intersection, appears to have slung its last Aquavit: after suffering a series of NYPD and SLA-related setbacks earlier this summer, the space has shuttered for good.

Zagat Buzz snapped a shot of the heartfelt letter the restaurant taped up: "We are sorry to be closed. After having been harassed by the 7th Precinct for months and months on end, we are now facing a very uncertain future. It is with great regret we turn toward tomorrow and the times to come, yet we remain hopeful that brighter and lighter days lie ahead," the owners write, before thanking the "knights and princesses worthy of a fine large round table where might was prowess and where a pure heart always won the fight of a worthy cause." (Seriously.)

The closure is the latest in a series of LES nightlife crackdowns, mainly for underage drinking: everyone from Mason Dixon to Welcome to the Johnson's to The Magician have seen the wrath of official party-poopers lately. There has been no word on whether White Slab will attempt to re-open elsewhere in the city, despite the fact that Nordic food is so hot right now.