And they said it couldn't be done. While countless idle dreamers have fantasized about uniting the flavor of potato chips, pretzels, and cookies in one transcendent mouthful, nobody ever actually did anything to make the dream a reality, besides stuffing each separate entity into their mouths at once and hoping for the best. Until now! (Or, until recently.) Meet the Chipn'etzel, the apotheosis of the pretzel, the cookie, and the potato chip. We did it, America!

The revolutionary invention is the brainchild of Sara Leand and her R&D department at the Sara Snacker Cookie Company. The sweet and savory cookie comes in four varieties, two of which arrived at our offices yesterday: Original (dusted with sweet sugar; hand dipped in Dark Chocolate) and White Chocolate.

The Original disappeared faster than the White Chocolate, and though some less refined palates at Gothamist have complained that "you can't taste the potato chip!" maybe that's for the best? The pretzel is definitely the most bold flavor note, and we all know that's perfect with chocolate. Should you want to find out for yourself, the Chipn'etzel is sold at Zabar's, Westside Markets, Amish Markets, and Garden of Edens around town.