Artist and David Byrne collaborator Danielle Spencer (not to be confused with the Danielle Spencer who played Dee in What’s Happening!! or the Australian actress/singer Danielle Spencer married to Russell Crowe) has some pretty creative friends. Every November this Danielle Spencer hosts a pre-Thanksgiving dinner party in which guests make a fake turkey out of various eccentric ingredients. Some of them, like the Quiche turkey (pictured) or the sushi turkey look to be even tastier than the fowl they mimic. Others, like the Spam turkey, are great visual gags that seem better left un-carved.


Which category does David Byrne’s “post-punk Guac-a-Bird”, (above), made with avocado gelatin, fall into? Would it make a good sandwich on Friday? Let us know in the comments, and view all the creations here for potential alt-Turkey inspiration. (Via Boing Boing.)