2007_03_postofficepizza2.jpgWe’d heard about a recently opened Singas Pizza on Columbia Street, that along with a few tables and chairs, also happened to have a post office inside. They usual jests about mailing pies were made, but not much talk about how the actual pizza was, so we decided to head over and check things out. On the front door was a newspaper clipping proclaiming that their chain, which has over 18 locations around the city, is one of the quintessential pizza places of New York. Considering the shop is about two blocks away from the new comer to pizza stardom Lucali’s, we wondered why no one else had noticed.

2007_03_postofficepizza.JPGThere is a post office in the store -- well, a little counter that’s open from 11-2 during the week. In the back is the counter, with their prices listed high above the register. The pizzas are freshly made, very cheap, and come out in under 8 minutues. Which should be just about the same amount time it takes to get some stamps if you happen to get stuck behind those old ladies who pay for stamps with pennies. The pizza? It's medium thick, with a buttery crust, and an overly sweet sauce. More like Dominoes than a New York slice.

Singas Famous Pizza
257 Columbia Street