Tea: it's not just the beverage of choice for ex-girlfriends when they want to get together and discuss how you screwed up the relationship. It's also great for seasons such as winter, when it is (sometimes) cold, and also when you realize all the coffee is making you sweat excessively and giving you hemorrhoids. If you're a fan of this healthy, restorative beverage, you'll be excited to know that the Montreal-based company DAVIDsTEA has opened its first location in America right here in New York City. The first of two shops just opened on the Upper East Side, with a West Village spot to follow. They have a ton of "fun" organic tea blends, and, speaking of ex-girlfriends, they're all loose!

The annoyingly spelled company says in a press release that they're all about taking "the pomp and circumstance out of loose leaf tea drinking." To that end, they're stocked with over 150 blends that "break the mold" of what tea can be. These crazy Canadians have added popcorn and maple to Japanese green tea to make a blend called Movie Night; toasted carrots and coconut shreds to Taiwanese oolong for Carrot Cake; cocoa nibs, rose petals and dried strawberries to Chinese black tea for Chocolate Rocket; and coffee beans to Brazilian maté for Jumpy Monkey. Suffice it to say, DAVIDsTEA is pretty much the Squagel of teas.

Ingredients are all obsessively sourced, and on the website you can see where each one was obtained. The company claims it turns to The Rainforest Alliance to source matés, barks and roots from the Amazon, and small, organic farmers in the Yunnan Province of China for pu'her. Their stone-ground matcha green tea comes from Shizuoko in Japan, and their Darjeeling originates from the Jungpana Estate in India. Stop by their shop on the Upper East Side, and taste the whole world in your mouth.

3rd Avenue and 65th Street // (212) 717-1116