After testing out pre-ripped fried chicken earlier this summer (really), the delicious biscuit chain Popeye's has gone and re-imagined the chicken tender for those people who just can't can't get enough sauce on their fried food because apparently that is a problem that people have. Say hello to our dinner: the Dip'n Chick'n. They're like those "scoop" shaped chips, but made of battered and fried chicken.

About once a year a fast food restaurant comes up with an elegant yet repulsive idea that blows your mind. Last year KFC brought out the bun-less Double Down (leading to the inevitable Krispy Kreme and vegan versions) and this year that prize now looks to be going to Popeye's.

These magical pieces of fried terror (we're imagining some crazy Dr. Moreau island where Popeye's scientists breed scoop-shaped chickens) are currently available for "a limited time only" and can be purchased for $3.99 along with fries and a biscuit. We've heard of worse fast food deals—and at least they aren't pretending to care about being healthy and throwing some carrot sticks in with your fried.

Of course now we're stuck wondering what wonders the fast food industry will have for us next, since clearly object-shaped foods are the future. May we suggest somebody start selling marshmallow straws for sipping hot cocoa? Fried mozzarella knives for cutting your onion rings?