Sure, Thanksgiving's not for another month. But if you're ditching out on Aunt Edna and cooking in NYC for the holiday, you need to start thinking about your meal ASAP. Which is where the Pop Up Thanksgiving CSA steps in.

Part of environmental group Local Roots NYC's CSA (community supported agriculture) program, the Thanksgiving Pop-Up features turkey, fruit, vegetables, bread and baking shares from local farms (who still need help post-Irene!). And, unlike most traditional CSAs, you don not have to be a current member of Local Roots to get in on the goods. What that means for you is that it just became a lot easier to collect all of the things you need to rub your local, organic, sustainable cooking chops in all your friend's faces.

The Pop-Up takes orders by the pound, and all requests must be submitted by this Friday, October 28. Here's the full rundown of share options, and as an added bonus, they'll be running a delivery service (in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan) so you don't have to lug a 15-lb free-range heritage turkey home on the subway.

And if you'd rather just avoid the whole "cooking" thing altogether, check back in a few weeks for our complete guide to the best Thanksgiving dining out options in the city.