Unless you’ve been living under a rock inside the local food scene, you’ll know that poké is enjoying quite the culinary moment. Not quite chirashi, not really civiche, the word “poké” is derived from the Hawaiian verb that means to slice or to cut. Noted for its delicately prepared seafood cubes, the of-the-sea salad has made its way from the big islands of Hawaii to NYC—and the fish dish is here to stay.

Jumping on the poké trend is midtown newcomer Pokéteria. (Yes, finally, more things to eat in midtown!) Beyond serving up traditional poké, you can also enjoy bowls (over rice), poké served over a mix of greens, and poké burritos wrapped in nori. Choose your own adventure with an assortment of fish like tuna and octopus, or take note from the experts with Pokéteria’s signature combos-all topped off with the shop’s carefully crafted housemade sauces.


With a keen eye for ocean-to-table ingredients and superior quality (their rice is steamed daily and methodically kept at a perfect 98.6 degrees for ultimate goodness), Pokéteria promises to uplift eaters from the doldrums of midtown dining with affordable fast-casual options.

Hungry yet? Good news: Pokéteria’s grand opening is this Thursday! In celebration, the shop will be serving up sushi donuts for its midtown debut. And don’t dawdle—the first fifty customers can grab the treats for one dollar while enjoying other exclusive giveaways. Yum!

Pokéteria is located at 3 East 36th Street. Visit the website to learn more.

This post is brought to you by Pokéteria.