Now you'll know just how long of a wait you have for those deliciously lacquered chicken wings. Andy Ricker has taken a page from Danny Meyer's playbook and implemented a live webcam that shows the estimated wait time to get into his perennially packed Pok Pok restaurant in Brooklyn. From 4:30 p.m. to midnight, the cam broadcasts a view of the line a whiteboard that's updated by staff with the current wait time.

It's less visually fulfilling than Shake Shack's window into the madness of Madison Square Park, but will let you know if you should order another round before trekking out to Columbia Heights. The cam is visible on the restaurant's website—which at the moment appears to be at capacity—or directly at Dropcam.

Queuing has become de rigueur for diners at the increasing number of no-reservation restaurants and viral foodstuffs. It's actually shocking that a Cronut Cam hasn't been installed yet. You heard it here first!