A charming little place to go for tea is the Podunk cafe on East 5th Street, between Second and Third Avenues. A variety of tea sets are available, from the savory to the sweet, plus in-between. The tea sets are pretty substantial, so you can split one and order an additional pot of tea, as Gothamist did last weekend. We had the "rustic" tea set, with wonderful savory tarts, scones - especially the andouille sausage scone - and other breads and cheese.

Owner Elspeth Treadwell seems to be adding and refining the menu, so we'll be stopping back again. We didn't get any sweets since the rustic tea was so filling, so we need to try the cardamon cake with dipping sauce. Or assorted cookies with dipping sauce. (Gothamist is all about the dipping sauce.) Also, Treadwell doesn't accept tips. It's probably built into the prices, but it's a nice touch, making it seem especially homey and generous.

New York's write up of Podunk.