Gothamist spotted this sign the other day while walking down Thompson Street between West 3rd and Bleecker. Now you may remember that, a while back, Pluck U. served up its buffalo wings around the corner on West 3rd, in addition to its other two locations: 3rd Avenue between 10th & 11th and 124 Nassau Street between Beekman & Ann. Granted, we haven't eaten at Pluck U. since those days, but it's likely that we may stop by for a wing fix once it opens up. We will admit that we rarely eat wings anymore, having OD'd on them in college, and tend to prefer slightly funkier versions than the buffalo-style standby, like those highlighted in NY Magazine's Super Bowl wrapup or the ones they described at Tebaya.

Where do you get your wings, be they buffalo, teriyaki, fried, or smoked?