Finally, some good news for the Plaza Hotel. Princess's valuables may not be safe there, and the last Oak Room guests might have been too vulgar but at least the condo/hotel has a good thing going underground. Though people apparently weren't interested in buying pricy baubles in the Plaza's underground concourse it seems they love buying pricy food there. So not only is the Plaza Food Hall by Todd English getting an expansion (and new name) today—next year 17 more food options ranging from Sant Ambroeus desserts to Luke's Lobster rolls to No. 7 Subs will be turning the space into a giant upscale food court.

Starting today the Plaza Food Hall will become Todd English at The Plaza Food Halls. Along with the new name the space will debut a $3 million expansion that adds a 17-seat cocktail bar, a 21-seat pasta bar, a cheese-and-charcuterie shop, a sommelier’s tasting table adjacent to 28 rentable wine lockers and a chef’s demonstration table. In total the restaurant/shop and its menu is now 10 percent bigger, and includes an area for private events.

And that's not all! Starting in the spring of 2012, the newly monikered Plaza Food Halls will debut with a host of big names attached. According to the hotel:

Construction on Phase Two of The Plaza Food Halls will commence in January 2012. The Plaza Food Halls will be devoted to carefully-curated food retail concepts, with proven, high-quality brands such as Sant Ambroeus, Tartinery, FC Chocolate Bar by Francois Payard, Pain D'Avignon, Three Tarts, Luke's Lobster, Sushi of Gari, William Greenberg, Billy's, No. 7 Sub, Maison du Chocolate and Lady M Cake Boutique.

And while it feels like there are a whole lotta Luke's Lobsters out there these days, we can't begrudge anyone for wanting more No. 7 Sub—that General Tso's Tofu sandwich is delicious! All in all the multi-million dollar move seems like a safe bet for the hotel.