Plated delivers the origin story of a dish as told by a restaurant’s owners and chefs. Today’s featured plate is a sort of nose-to-tail meets Applebee’s kind of affair from the speakeasy-style Employees Only.

On the plate: Bone Marrow Poppers, pastry shell, greens, Bordelaise. $12

Julia Jaksic, chef, Employees Only: “I love bone marrow. My dad’s a butcher, so I grew up with meat and a lot of meat-related things. When I first started here at Employees Only the owners were like, look, we want heavy food because we make strong drinks. And my approach to food is a certain way already—I come from an Eastern European background, so that influence is on my menu.

”This bone marrow is out of the bone. It’s not cooked all the way through, so the marrow isn’t completely liquefied. And the puff pastry shells, they’re basically little vol-au-vents filled with Bordelaise sauce. We top them with bone marrow and pop them in the oven until the marrow starts melting. Some dressed greens on top. That’s it. It’s completely gluttonous and we sell a lot of them.

”Last year I was doing this red snapper dish with a Bordelaise sauce, and I finished it with melted bone marrow on top. I just loved the combination of Bordelaise and bone marrow so...We put them on the menu after running them as a special and sold out of them every night. The poppers almost look like the puff pastry could be bone, and when we first ran them, one of our regulars picked them up and tried to pop them out of what he thought was bone, and I was like, nooooo! But they caught on immediately as this super fun finger food. I just put them on the menu about three weeks ago.”