Despite its "natural" label, a Georgia chicken company has been forced to issue a massive product recall for some pesky pieces of plastic. Applegate Naturals—a Perdue brand—has revealed that a batch of its Chicken Nuggets may have been infiltrated by foreign bodies after consumers complained of "small pieces of plastic" found inside the poultry. The "fully cooked chicken nugget product" (groan) has yet to make anyone ill or crack someone's teeth, but maybe our digestive systems have simply adapted?

The recall affects about 15,306 pounds of the frozen nuggets, which have the establishment number "P2617" and a "best before" date of February 2nd, 2015. The USDA has classified the recall as "Class II," meaning there's a "remote probability of adverse health consequences" from ingesting the product. However, let's all take a moment to digest the implications of eating something called "chicken nugget product." Or not.

[h/t Consumerist]