Yesterday Speaker Christine Quinn and Council Member Margaret Chin unveiled a plan to build two new food markets at the South Street Seaport. “Today’s agreement will bring a year round, seven days a week food market back to one of the oldest neighborhoods in the country, where the food trade helped build New York City into a thriving port town,” declared Quinn. “New York City will no longer be one of the only major cities in the country without a destination food market."

The first new food market, located somewhere in the confines of the South Street Seaport, would include "locally and regionally sourced food items" and would be open to the public seven days a week starting sometime before October 1st of next year. The second, which would be located inside the historic Tin Building, would be no less than 10,000 square feet and would also house local food vendors.

The addition of these markets means pushing back the start date for the redesigned Pier 17 from July to October of this year. That also means a temporary reprieve for current Pier 17 tenants, who will now be allowed to stay through the summer. Tenants in good standing with the South Street Seaport Limited Partnership will be given the opportunity to propose their retail establishments for a spot inside the redesigned space.

The plan also continues assurances of free public access to the new rooftop, which will include a lawn and concert space. Someone tell Mark McGrath!